DISABLED AND LIMBLESS VETERANS is a non-profit organization, which began seven years ago as merely a dream in hopes of giving something back to those who gave to their country. Today, with the help and support of many dedicated United States Veterans, we have designed a "Supporting Our Veterans" license plate, which is available for sale to all Veterans, families and Massachusetts residents.

Our mission is to support all returning Veterans. Sadly, many are coming home disabled with severe brain injuries, suffering from PTSD and missing limbs. Sadder yet, many have difficulty adjusting to home life after combat and therefore, ending up homeless on the streets or in shelters.

These are the brave men and women of combat, whom we wish to support.

Your donation and contribution will support the following organizations:

  • "Operation Troop Support", Danvers, Massachusetts 
  • New England Center for Homeless Veterans

As veterans, we are proud to support these organizations.

"Operation Troop Support" is a non-profit organization, which has sent over 45,000 care packages to 450 units stationed across the globe. They mail packages weekly and donations will be used to defray the postage costs which can exceed $1,000 per week.

Through our non-political program that crosses party lines and includes all military branches and all affected Americans, we bring the needs of the American Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Coast Guard and Airman to the people in a way that everyone can help. What better way to serve this great nation than to care for those who daily put their lives on the line for our freedom.

This "Supporting Our Veterans" licence plate is honoring all veterans. We have chosen to display the three longest wars in the last hundred years of American history. It is about to enter production, and as soon as it does, we will devote ourselves to fund-raising, raffles, motorcycle-bike rides and other event planning in support of the Veteran communities in the state.. 

Thank you for your support, and may God Bless all our Veterans.

Best regards,

Michael McNulty

Founder & CEO of Disabled and Limbless Veterans

USMC - "Semper Fi"

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