While we are waiting for State to wrap things up on their end, you can still put in a pre-order for "Support Our Veterans" plates at original $40 fee and lock in this rate for renewals, before State raises it to $50.

Get Plate Application here (right click underlined text and select "Save As" to download). Print, fill out and sent the following address, along with a $40 check:

     Disabled and Limbless Veterans

     SOV Plate Pre-Order

     122B Hill Street, Norwood, MA 02062

Thank you to all, who already pre-ordered the plates. You are first in line and will receive your pre-selected numbers as soon as they are printed.

Be aware, that the Registry of Motor Vehicles Division of Massachusetts, Department of Transportation has officially approved the plate and pre-approved the design. However, the final design is still subject to change.

Note: There is a $20 plate swap fee, plus any applicable registration fees due at the time of plate pick-up. These fees will depend on your current plate number and year of expiration.

For instance, if your current plate will expire in March of 2012 and your new plate expires in January of 2013, the registration system will charge you an additional amount for the extra time you receive on your registration.

If you are putting your plate on a newly acquired vehicle, you must pay applicable sales tax, title and registration fees at the time of registration.

Registration on these plates must be renewed every 2 (two) years.

These special plates are available to Massachusetts residents using this form only; there is no online ordering process at RMV site at this time. License plates will use randomly assigned numbers.